“Tenger insurance signed an exclusive partnership agreement with the American International Group, for the first time” 2018-07-07 23:58 GMT+8

The Tenger Insurance LLC, which leads with the reinsurance treaty capability in the insurance industry of Mongolia, signed an exclusive partnership agreement with the American International Group (AIG) to exclusively cooperate in the Mongolian market.

AIG, the American International Group is one of the top 10 insurance companies of the world, with its market value, it provides insurance and financial services to 80% of the Fortune Global 500 and Forbes 2000 Companies.

This exclusive cooperation agreement was signed by Mr.Oibek N.Khalilov, the CEO of the Tenger Insurance, LLC and by Mr.Tony McHarg, the Senior Vice President - Head of Multinational and Alternative Risk, Asia Pacific on behalf of AIG. With the agreement entering into force, the domestic and international companies operating in Mongolia will have an opportunity to access the international insurance services of the AIG group and obtain reinsurance protection.

As highlighted by Mr. Tony McHarg, the Senior Vice President of the AIG Group, ‘the AIG group provides services in around 200 countries of the world via “The AIG Global Network”, for the purpose collaborating exclusively with the most experienced, and highest rated insurance firms in the country. We are pleased to start cooperating with the Tenger Insurance LLC, in Mongolia’









Tenger Insurance LLC is a leading insurance company in the insurance market of Mongolia, it leads the services with reinsurance treaties, and today they signed an exclusive partnership agreement.to represent the AIG in Mongolia. As stated by Mr. Oibek N.Khalilov, the CEO of Tenger Insurance LLC this agreement will significantly mature the Mongolian insurance market by implementing the leading reinsurance practice and improving the risk management structure.