product description:

A mandatory insurance product that provides the financial source for recovering the loss or damage to the third-party health, life, and property caused by the driver, while participating the road traffic using the auto vehicle.

Frequently asked question

It is mandatory to have an insurance agreement first, in case of a new vehicle the Client may insure by the Vehicle Identification Number first  and after  having diagnosed by the technical control and obtaining state registration number, the information in the database and insurance contract may be updated by contacting the Insurer back.

Yes. You may approach your insurance agent or central office to tranfer.

In accordance with the Clause 5.1 of the Driver’s Insurance Law; depending on the type of the vehicle following base fee shall apply:

А class12.500 MNT

B Class 33.000 MNT

C Class 42.500 MNT

D Class 53.000 MNT

M Class 12.500 MNT

In accordance with the Clause 5.2 of the Driver’s Insurance Law the professional driver’s insurance base fee shall be 33,000MNT.

When establishing the insurance base fee, it is either increased or decreased by 9 measurements.

Yes,, the amount will reduce. In case the fee is not reduced when you have had no breach, you may contact ‘Mandatory Insurers Association’ for further clarifications. Address: 12th floor, Gerege Tower, Chinggis Avenue, Sukhbaatar District, 1st khoroo, Ulaanbaatar; Tel: 70101177, 70121177, 70001040, 70001277

If you had a traffic collision and had a reimbursement the insurance fee will not be returned. However. if you did not receive reimbursement the fee shall be returned.