An insurance product to cover the medical cost or pre-defined amount in case of the injury and the loss of the life of the Insured’s employee due to the unforeseeable incidents while performing the duties.

Frequently asked question

If the company employee falls sick with the occupational disease while working at for the Employer or injured due to the industrial incident, the Employer shall provide reimbursement in accordance with the “Clause 97, of the Labor law”.

This insurance product covers employer liability in accordance with this law.

The total insurance compensation amount is set as a summary of 36 months’ salary of the Employee. This insurance product is satisfying the liabilities in accordance with the Labor Law, which states the Employer to reimburse the salary for 1 to 36 months to the Employee. 

The Companies of any type and operation can be insured with this insurance product.

The fee is estimated based on employee roles and responsibilities and the risk level of the work position.

It is established by the professional entity that the employee was injured during the industrial accident at the work place. Also, the compensation is allowed based on the professional entity certificate that identified the percentage loss of the workability due to the industrial accident.