This insurance is designated to recover the legal liabilities arisen in connection with the business decisions held by the Company management in accordance with the terms of the reference of the position



Frequently asked question

The person in the position, which directly or indirectly involved in the decision-making process or the contract negotiations of the Company.

  1. The BoD of the Company
  2. Chief Executive Officer
  3. The member of the Management team
  4. Chief Financial Officer
  5. Chief Accountant
  6. Chief Specialist
  7. The BoD secretary

For any Company, it is essential to engage skilled personnel, and in the modern culture, the Company mistake negatively influences its reputation and serves as a demonstration of the poor corporate governance.  Due to the newly growing market, the business and legal environment of the countries are changing rapidly; consequently, the responsibility burden on Companies are expanding.  

  • Whether the company operates abroad
  • The history of legal proceedings
  • On which stock exchange it is listed
  • The history of merger and acquisition
  • The experience and the resume of the executive management
  • Corporate governance